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Digital Licensing

HFA offers statutory rate licensing for permanent digital downloads, limited downloads, interactive streaming, and ringtones. To see the current U.S. statutory mechanical royalty rates for these formats, click here.

Permanent Digital Downloads

If you would like to license less than 2,500 permanent digital downloads, you can do so using HFA Songfile. Licensees with established HFA Online accounts can also obtain permanent download licenses using eMechanical, or if you need to obtain licenses in bulk (over 1000 titles) please download and complete the appropriate Application for HFA Mechanical Licensing Account from below:

Application for HFA Mechanical Licensing Account (Domestic/United States)
Application for HFA Mechanical Licensing Account (Non-US).

HFA licenses are valid only in U.S. territory. If you are manufacturing physical product outside the U.S. and distributing in the U.S., you must obtain an import license.

Limited Downloads & Interactive Streaming

HFA now offers licenses for interactive streams for one cent ($0.01) per stream via Songfile. Licenses are available for a minimum of 100 interactive streams up to 10,000 interactive streams per song licensed. These licenses are valid for the period of one year.

For quantities over 10,000 streams, licenses for interactive streaming can be obtained through our bulk licensing process. If you are interested in obtaining such licenses, please contact slingshot@harryfox.com. Please note that in order to satisfy your obligations pursuant to the bulk licensing process for the distribution of interactive streams, you must be able to report information such as service revenue, subscriber information, content costs, and applicable performance royalty expenses. Information on the rates for bulk licensing can be found here.


Ringtone licenses can be obtained through eMechanical. If you do not already have a HFA Licensing Account, please submit an application for HFA Mechanical Licensing Account. Please note that HFA licenses do NOT cover the use of existing sound recordings or master recordings, which would be needed for certain types of ringtones. Such Master Use Right in existing sound recordings must be directly cleared with the appropriate copyright owner, usually a record company (label).

HFA is leading the way as the distribution of music evolves with technology. We license other non-stautory rate formats such as lyrics, tablature and more. If you are interested in licensing music represented by HFA in bulk, or for other digital uses, please contact slingshot@harryfox.com and describe your proposed digital use.

For definitions of digital music terms, click here.


Registered Users

This area is for registered users of HFA Songfile and HFA Online.



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