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The HFA website provides answers to commonly asked questions about mechanical licensing and other related inquiries.

What do I need to do to have HFA represent my music publishing company?

HFA may represent any publisher who owns or controls one or more musical compositions currently being mechanically reproduced by a third party.

If your company meets this requirement you can begin the affiliation process by completing the online general information form here.

How do I submit a claim of ownership of a song?

You must submit a claim of ownership to HFA in writing either via email to publisherservices@harryfox.com, via fax to (212) 834-0187, or send a letter on your company letterhead to: HFA, Attn: Publisher Services, 40 Wall Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10005. Once your notification has been received, the song ownership is researched within HFA's database. In the event of a discrepancy between your claim and the song information in HFA's database, a "Notice of Claim" will be sent to the publisher of record to initiate a resolution of your claim. Otherwise, if your claim is concurrent with the results of the research, the song information will be updated within HFA's database.

What does HFA do to earn its commission?

HFA services are as follows:
Mechanical Licensing:
The licensing of copyrighted musical compositions for use on commercial CD's, records,  and tapes.

Digital Licensing:
The licensing of copyrighted musical compositions for use on the internet as permanent digital downloads, on demand streams and/or limited downloads by digital music services.

International Representation:

Collecting of royalties for the use of musical compositions in recordings made outside of the U.S. and imported into this country for sale

Royalty Compliance:
The periodic review and tracking of the books and records of Licensees utilizing copyrighted musical compositions based on the license issued, as well as the identification of unlicensed product

Royalty Collection & Distribution:
The collection of royalties from licensees utilizing copyrighted musical compositions and the distributing of these royalties to the publishers

What are HFA's current commission rates?

Visit commissions to view HFA's percentages charged only for royalties actually collected on your behalf.

What do I need to do if I have questions regarding royalty distribution or payments?

If you are an HFA-represented publisher, please contact publisherservices@harryfox.com for any questions regarding royalty distribution or payments.

If you are interested in becoming an HFA-affiliated publisher and meet the registration requirements, please submit an online New Publisher Application Form.

How soon after the end of the quarter will I receive my royalties?

At the end of each quarter the record companies are allowed a 45 day period to complete their accounting and prepare royalty statements that are sent to HFA. HFA checks these statements and then sends payments to our affiliated publishers within a reasonable time. For more information, please send an email to publisherservices@harryfox.com.

Do you check the statements I receive from the record companies?

Statements are reviewed on a regular basis and adjustments are made accordingly. Royalty Compliance examinations of record manufacturers are a regular part of our service at no additional cost to you. In many cases, HFA distributes Royalty Compliance recoveries in excess of the commission you pay for our services.

Can a writer become affiliated with HFA?

HFA does not represent writers per se. HFA represents music publishers, who in turn represent writers and/or artists.

What is the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA)?

In 1992, Congress passed the landmark Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) which amended the U.S. Copyright Law to require electronics manufacturers and importers to pay royalties on consumer digital audio recording devices (hardware) and digital recording media (blank recordable tapes and discs) manufactured and distributed in the United States or imported and distributed in the United States. Music publishers are entitled to a portion of the monies collected under the AHRA. The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) is the primary agent authorized to distribute these royalties to music publishers.

Does HFA collect and distribute AHRA Royalties?

Yes. Please contact publisherservices@harryfox.com for more information about affiliating with HFA for the collection of AHRA royalties.

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